Lift your insight. Run a healthy elevator business.

More efficiency or a stronger competitive position. The choice is yours. With a universally applicable solution that measures rides, Liftinsight gives you the building blocks for a healthy and future-proof operation.

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Free insight into all your lifts

Online technical file, faults, maintenance, photos, certificates, budgets and performance measurements. Dashboard provides you and your customer with insight anytime and anywhere.

The sensor for all your lifts

With the universally applicable sensor you optimize your maintenance process by measuring and analyzing lift movements.

The complete solution for elevator health

Only maintenance and replacements that are really needed. Less time on the road, more time for craftsmanship.

Complete lift book

A technical file, failures, maintenance, photos, certificates, budgets and performance measurements in one safe online spot. A well-organized dashboard in your own house style that provides insight into activities, costs and performance, always and everywhere.

Insight through data

Hundreds of thousands of lifts together generate aggregated - and always anonymous - data. Based on machine learning, we predict exactly when an elevator needs maintenance. We make performance transparent, analyze patterns and detect deviations.

Universal solution

Regardless of type or age, the sensor fits every lift from Otis, Kone, ThyssenKrupp, Schindler, Mitsubishi, Orona, Kleeman and many other brands.

A smart lift within 60 seconds

The powerful magnets of the sensor hold on to every type of steel. The installation of the sensor takes less than 60 seconds.


Responsible management of the resources that have been entrusted to us

Customers are demanding more and more, but are increasingly less willing to pay. I know that reality from the inside and want to help you. To keep your customers and to achieve a healthy operating result

Alderik Bos — CEO Liftinsight


cost reduction


more uptime

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